Transformers Masterpiece MP-52+ Thundercracker 2.0 Figure is Live


Takara Tomy and Hasbro have added a new Thundercracker figure to their Masterpiece series, focusing on the character as he appeared in the original Transformers cartoons. To that end, the vertical stabilizer and horizontal stabilizer from the F-15 mode (officially licensed from Boeing) are stored inside the body in robot mode to match the proportions from the show.

Accessories for the Transformers Masterpiece MP-52+ Thundercracker 2.0 figure include effects parts, face plates for alternate expressions (smile, mockery, and surprise), two null ray cannons, and a character card. It looks fantastic, but the price tag isn't going to be for everyone.


As the name suggests, the Transformers Masterpiece line from Takara Tomy are high-end figures aimed squarely at collectors. Features include a larger scale, greater detail, and more complex conversions than other Transformers toys, which adds up to a higher price.In this case, the Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-52+ Thundercracker 2.0 will cost you a whopping $241.99 in the US.

Pre-orders are live here at Entertainment Earth with free shipping slated for October 2021. If you're game, jump on it quickly because even at that price a sell out is likely.

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