'The Predator' Likely Won't Feature References to Xenomorphs From 'Alien' Franchise

Ever since the first trailer for Shane Black's The Predator was released online, fans have been speculating about what kind of secret twists and reveals could be hidden in the film. One subplot that's gotten a lot of attention is the new breed of "Super Predator," which has been augmented with bio-enhancements that the Predator race has stolen from other alien worlds - which was exactly the sort of detail that got fans buzzing with speculation.

Here at Comicbook.com, we were one of the first to suggest that perhaps The Predator would reveal a secret connection to the Alien franchise -- possibly serving as the setup to a new Aliens vs. Predator franchise! However, while at San Diego Comic-Con's Predator panel, Shane Black pretty much shot down that idea.

Here's what the filmmaker had to say in response to a fan question about whether The Predator has connection to the Alien series in any way:

"The Xenamorphs were sort of a different thing to us," Black said. "First film happened second film happened other stuff happened, we're a sequel not a reboo. There is no 'direct tie' to other Alien movies. We've focused on this one instance in which a particularly angry Predator has emerged."

Despite that initial denial, Black wouldn't completely rule out the possibility of more AVP at some point, teasing the crowd with the question: "I don't think AvP is dead, do you?"

Fans of both Aliens and Predator finally got their long-awaited AVP crossover film in 2004, but were disappointed with its PG-13 rating and tone. The 2007 follow-up, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem was even worse, going so overboard with its hard R rating and approach that we got scenes like an entire maternity ward being gruesomely transformed into a Xenomorph birthing nest. After AVP:R, fans had their fill of the crossover novelty, and both franchises spent the first half of the 2010s trying to reinvent themselves (Predators, Prometheus, etc.). We're kind of in the same boat now, as Ridley Scott's return to the alien films has been lackluster, and enthusiasm for The Predator hasn't yet reached a fever pitch. If both franchises don't score big wins with their next moves, a reboot of the AVP franchise (under the proper supervision) could be a genuine kickstart.


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The Predator opens in theaters on September 14th.