Original Creepshow Star Teases Possible Season 2 Cameo

The 1982 Creepshow was directed by George Romero and written by Stephen King, with the two titans of terror coming together to craft a love letter to horror stories published by EC Comics that they grew up reading. The concept of the film was that a father found his son reading one of these campy comics, which he then threw into the trash, only for those stories to come to life in a series of vignettes. Tom Atkins played that father in the sequence, who confirmed that, while he was offered a small part in the upcoming Creepshow TV series on Shudder, the opportunity didn't pan out, but he could return for a Season Two appearance.

"[Showrunner] Greg Nicotero gave me a shout out and said, 'We're going to do this, and I'll have you down for a role,'" Atkins shared with ComicBook.com. "And I didn't get into the first one, but maybe next year. Maybe next season."

With the first season yet to premiere, it's unknown if the series will get an additional season, but given the excitement surrounding the upcoming endeavor, odds are good that the adventures will continue.

Atkins might not have made it into this season, but the new series does have a number of connections to the original film that extend past the name. One of the stories was written by Joe Hill, Stephen King's son, who was the young boy who was busted for reading the comic book in the movie, while Tom Savini, who provided the film with its makeup effects, directed an entry in the series.

What might disappoint fans about Atkins not appearing in the series is we have to wait even longer for a possible reunion with original star Adrienne Barbeau, who appears in the show, as they have starred in four films together, yet have never shared the screen together.

"Isn't that amazing?" Atkins pointed out. "Four films we've been in. Four films together, and never ever on screen together. It's extraordinary."

Atkins and Barbeau have both appeared in The Fog, Escape from New York, Creepshow, and Two Evil Eyes.


The series lands on Shudder on September 26th. Stay tuned for details on if Atkins will appear in a Season Two of the series.

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