Dog Soldiers Director "Not Giving Up" on Sequel

The sequel has stagnated for quite some time but Neil Marshall is still determined to make it happen.

Horror fans haven't gotten a lot of werewolf movies in recent years, at least in comparison to other beloved creatures in the genre, with a standout entry being Neil Marshall's 2002 film Dog Soldiers. In addition to that film earning itself a cult following, it also opened the door for the filmmaker to pursue other ambitious adventures, though he recently promised that he's not abandoning the idea of developing a Dog Soldiers sequel quite yet. The filmmaker also confirmed he has a solid idea for what the sequel will be, yet he doesn't want to dive into actually scripting the sequel until he knows he'll get to actually make it. 

"I've a feeling it's probably dead in the water because things have gone very quiet from the other side. I'm not giving up, though; there's still a possibility," Marshall shared with Inverse. "We've been trying to get it off the ground for the past six years. I've got a story hammered out, but I've not written the script yet because I want to know if we're actually making it or not first. It's a good idea, and I know Kevin McKidd (Cooper) is on board, but everything has gone very quiet and we don't know why. We'll see. I can't live my life waiting to see if it does happen. If it happens, it happens. It's always going to be a double-edged sword, though. The fans want it, and I'd love to give it to them, but if I make a mess of it, they're not going to thank me. The most important thing is making sure that it lives up to the first one. That's the hardest part."

In the original movie, a military squad on a seemingly routine training exercise comes across a pack of werewolves who tear their way through the squad. Despite other horror films of the era embracing CGI effects, Marshall leaned heavily on practical visuals, much to the delight of fans.

Marshall also teased that the contained nature of the first film would be replicated in a sequel, though amplified to a bigger scale.

"The new concept for the story is fresh and acknowledges that 20 years have passed," the filmmaker detailed. "The story is set in a confined setting but a bigger one than the first film."

Stay tuned for updates on a possible Dog Soldiers sequel.

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