Amazon Music Launches Spooky Podcast Anthology Series I Hear Fear

While Prime Video has various unsettling experiences available in the form movies and TV shows, Amazon Music has an all-new series to send chills down your spine with the anthology podcast series I Hear Fear. With each episode being introduced by actor Carey Mulligan and each tale of terror being inspired by a true-life event, the new series marks the perfect way to get into the spirit of the Halloween season, with new episodes being unveiled on a weekly basis. The first two episodes of I Hear Fear are available now exclusively through Amazon Music with four more episodes on the way.

Per press release, "Just in time for Halloween, Amazon Music will release I Hear Fear, a new podcast anthology series of six scary fiction stories, available only on Amazon Music starting October 17th. Academy Award-nominated actress Carey Mulligan (Promising Young Woman, She Said) will introduce a new scripted horror tale each week that is inspired by true events. To listen to I Hear Fear, download the Amazon Music app.

(Photo: Amazon Music)

"I Hear Fear will push the limits of audio by surprising listeners with immersive sounds and thrilling storytelling that will shake them to their cores. Taking cues from classic creepy TV anthologies, this imaginative horror series is sure to provide the thrills and scares that audiences crave every Halloween.

"Each episode features distinct stories crafted by expert storytellers Katya Apekina (novelist and screenwriter), Dr. Chesya Burke (assistant professor of English and U.S. literatures, Stetson University), Karin Lowachee (author and novelist), Matt Marinovich (author), Jenny Deiker Restivo (The Resident), Ben Rock (The Blair Witch Project), and Bob DeRosa (Killers). I Hear Fear is a Wondery production.

"Horror is a fascinating and transportive genre, one that's been mastered in mediums like television and books; however, with the intimacy of audio, the tales in I Hear Fear are sure to bring listeners an unexpected and eerie new way to enjoy psychological thrillers.

"I Hear Fear joins the growing catalog of creepy and true-crime podcasts from Amazon Music including Morbid, MrBallen, The Rewatcher: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Dr. Death. Fans of these true-crime podcasts, as well as horror movie fans, will enjoy the audio treat of I Hear Fear. Listeners can enjoy all of the unmissable content from Amazon Music by downloading the Amazon Music app."

I Hear Fear is available now through Amazon Music.

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