New Servant Clip Features an Uncomfortable Dinner Party (Exclusive)

A key component of the Apple TV+ series Servant is food, because Toby Kebbell's Sean Turner is a renowned chef, with a number of the series' pivotal scenes centering around cuisine. In this week's episode of the series, the Turner family's guest doesn't receive an entirely warm welcome from nanny Leanne (Nell Tiger Free), who entangles her own identity more and more into the events unfolding in the home. Get a taste of the uncomfortable encounter above with an exclusive clip from an all-new episode of Servant before it debuts on Apple TV+ this Friday, February 25th.

The new episode, entitled "Fish," is described, "Sean's dinner party goes south when Leanne is rude to a guest. Dorothy uncovers frightening details from the block party."

This clip only raises more questions about what Leanne's true intentions might really be, with Free previously sharing that, with one more season to go in the series, even she feels in the dark about what her character really wants.

"[Producer M. Night Shyamalan] literally hasn't told me. Also, I feel like a lot of the time as people, we don't really know what our end goal is," Free shared with about her character's actual goals. "I feel like, no, I don't know what any of my end goals are in any sense. And I think that that's a very human experience and I don't think that Leanne necessarily has an end goal. I think that she has one desire and that's to be accepted and loved and be a part of this family."

She continued, "And, whether that's actually a facade and whether she's up to something slightly more nefarious or has a slightly eviler plan, that is up to the brilliant mind of Mr. M. Night Shyamalan. But, as for the way I've been playing her for these three years, there's this fragility to her. I think that love is such a big factor in Leanne's goals and Leanne's actions and the consequences of her love, and what does it cost to be loved by somebody like Leanne? What does it cost to love someone like her? I think those are the big questions. But, for me, as far as our final episode on Season 4, I have no idea what it's going to be or what she's going to do."

Check out a new episode of Servant this Friday, February 22nd on Apple TV+.

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