PG: Psycho Goreman Coming Exclusively to Shudder Next Month

With films like The Void and Leprechaun Returns, filmmaker Steven Kostanski proved his skills of blending humor with horror, all while delivering impressive practical effects, which he continued in his latest effort, PG: Psycho Goreman. The outlandish adventure landed On Demand earlier this year, with Shudder confirming that the project is set to debut exclusively on the streaming service. Given the number of other beloved properties available exclusively on the service, it's likely that PG will only earn even more passionate of a following in the months to come. Check out PG: Psycho Goreman when it hits Shudder on May 20th.

Siblings Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord who was entombed on Earth millions of years ago after a failed attempt to destroy the universe. They nickname the evil creature Psycho Goreman (or PG for short) and use the magical amulet they discovered to force him to obey their childish whims. It isn't long before PG's reappearance draws the attention of intergalactic friends and foes from across the cosmos and a rogues' gallery of alien combatants converges in small-town suburbia to battle for the fate of the galaxy.

Written and directed by Steven Kostanski (The Void, The Divide, Father's Day), PG: Psycho Goreman stars Nita-Josee Hanna (Books of Blood, 4teen), Owen Myre (NOS4A2, Alternate Ground), Adam Brooks (The Return, Father's Day), Alexis Hancey (Silver Tongue), and Matthew Ninaber (Transference).

Horror fans who grew up in the '80s and '90s will likely recognize a specific blend of horror, fantasy, and comedy in the new film, which was what the filmmaker aimed to capture.

"Well, the Masters of the Universe film by Cannon Pictures is definitely an inspiration for PG," Kostanski previously shared with "I'm a fan of that '80s and '90s trope of like, we want to adapt a thing that's like a big, sprawling, sci-fi fantasy, though you don't have the budget to do it, so you end up grounding it on Earth, out of necessity, which I feel like Suburban Commando is another good example of that. I think another movie that is a definite inspiration is Terminator 2, because of the whole conceit of 'what if you're a little kid and you inherit this evil warlord monster in your back yard that you have total control over. What would you do with him?' And I feel that's a little bit of the John Connor/T-800 relationship."

He added, "So, I feel like T2, Masters of the Universe, Suburban Commando. I would even go as far as, say, something like Guyver: Dark Hero is a big inspiration. I love that movie. I love that it's a movie that, as a kid, I looked at the cover and thought, 'Oh, this is going to be like Power Rangers, this is going to be super fun.' And then it ended up being a pretty hard-R movie with lots of brutal violence, even though on the surface, it's a lot of fun creature suits and effects and a fun science-fiction plot. But pairing that with really brutal consequences, for a kid, I found really enticing and traumatizing at the same time. So that was another big inspiration for the film."

Check out PG: Psycho Goreman when it hits Shudder on May 20th.


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