Stranger Things Season 4: Roughed-Up David Harbour Offers Spoilers, Thinks Netflix Will Fire Him

Details about the upcoming Season 4 of Stranger Things are being kept under wraps, but star David Harbour recently took to Instagram from the set of the series in Atlanta, teasing fans that he was about to share some spoilers about the new episodes. However, when his co-star on the series Millie Bobby Brown noticed that he was live, she joined in on the conversation, preventing him from spoiling any actual details about the new season, resulting in Harbour admitting that he thought Netflix was about to fire him. It's currently unknown when Season 4 of Stranger Things could be debuting on Netflix.

"I think I can only be here for like three and a half minutes because I think I have to go to set fairly soon," Harbour shared on Instagram. "I'm here shooting Season 4 of our television show."

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While teasing about spoilers, Harbour kept the camera tight on his face, showing off his makeup and outfit conveying that his Hopper had seen some tough times. However, with this appearance resembling what we saw of him in the new season's first teaser, his look didn't immediately convey any important story details.

"I don't think I'm supposed to be showing you these... Who wants to hear spoilers about Season 4? Let me just read directly from the script," the actor joked. "It's a very tough day today. Very tough day. I'm exhausted."

After realizing that Brown had commented on his video, Harbour admitted, "Oh no, Millie. Don't tell Netflix. Don't tell Netflix that I'm doing Instagram Live from the set.”

He added, “I'm just going to read your sections of the script, Millie. I'm just gonna tell everybody what happens to Eleven this season."

Knowing that Brown was watching his video, he then merged a video chat with her, allowing her to warn him not to spoil anything.

"Are you in your costume?" Brown questioned. "Get off of live and go back to work! You're getting a phone call [from Netflix] right now."

Harbour did note, however, "They saw it in the trailer. Didn't they see it?" before then congratulating Brown on her success with Godzilla vs. Kong and then abruptly ending the livestream.

Despite not getting actual spoilers, fans will surely be keeping their eyes out for more broadcasts from Harbour, whether it results in other cast members dropping by or actual spoilers being revealed.


Stay tuned for details on the future of Stranger Things.

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