The Lost Boys Star Teases Possible Frog Brothers TV Show

The Lost Boys has earned its place among the pantheon of horror films, and fans still have a reverence for the cult classic. The idea of the property being rebooted or revisited has come up a lot in recent years, especially as The CW has attempted to adapt the series for television. While that project is still in development, that hasn't stopped fans from wondering what a TV version could look like — and original stars Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander have apparently taken that a step further, attempting to pitch a Frog Brothers spinoff series. The show, which would follow their characters from the original film, has reportedly caught the attention of networks.

"We'll see, right? Everything's up in the air, man," Feldman recently explained to MovieWeb. "I recently talked about the fact that Jamison had an idea for a Frog Brothers show, and all of a sudden, networks start calling us going, 'Hey, we hear there's a Frog Brothers show.' So, you never know what can happen. All I'm saying is, as of right now, I've got no solid plans to do any of it."

"I mean, I would watch it," Feldman said of the hypothetical spinoff. "I think it would be great fun, but that's because Jamison and I always crack each other up and we have a good time together, so it's fun for me. I love working with Jamison. I love doing Frog Brothers. It's always a good time. All I'm saying is, could one of these revival projects happen? Sure. But there is probably no chance of me going and trying to, you know, beat the pavement and work to get somebody to hire me as an actor. I'm not willing to do the rounds anymore."

The CW's version of The Lost Boys has been in various stages of development since 2016, with iZombie's Rob Thomas initially creating the project as an anthology series. The most recent incarnations of the series were not set to be an anthology, but still set out to remix elements of the original film. Among them was that the Frog Brothers were set to be genderbent as the Frog Sisters, in a 2019 incarnation of the pilot that was later scrapped.

"The two Frog Sisters are like the most fun characters you have ever seen, and hilarious." pilot director Catherine Hardwicke told at the time. "Really kind of awesome. They're so lovable, and funny, and wicked. I love them."


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