Teaser for Kiernan Shipka's Podcast Movie Treat Released

While podcasts have only grown more and more popular over the past decade, drawing in all manner of hosts and talent to deliver listeners unique and compelling experiences, the upcoming experience Treat is aiming to forge a new path by delivering audiences a "podcast movie," a feature-length narrative that unfolds in audio form. As if the concept alone isn't exciting enough, Treat stars Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actor Kiernan Shipka, with her character undergoing a creepy Halloween adventure over the course of the story. You can hear a teaser for Treat by heading over to iTunes before it debuts on Monday, October 25th. You can also check out a video trailer over on YouTube.

From C13Features, written by Nathan Ballingrud, in partnership with Babak Anvari and Lucan Toh of Two & Two Pictures, and co-produced with Best Case Studios, Treat tells the story of a seemingly perfect American town on one Halloween night when its idyllic image is threatened by its buried evil past and terrifying pact with the Piper, the town's sinister outcast. Shipka stars as protagonist and narrator Allie West, a teenager dealing with issues beyond her years while struggling to fit in. But when she learns about the mysterious Piper's powerful hold on the town, she, along with her younger brother, realize they are the only ones who can save their community before it rots at the hands of the Piper.

Along with Shipka, the cast of Treat includes Sara Echeagaray, David Shih, Noah Robbins, Marc Menchaca, Kyle Beltran, Peggy J. Scott, Christa Scott-Reed, Ryan Buggle, Bill Lobley, and Renata Friedman, with Marin Ireland and Wayne Knight in featured roles.

(Photo: C13 Features)

"I'm thrilled to be playing Allie — she's a strong-willed, complex young girl with a true weight on her shoulders: She has to be the adult in her family, but she's still just a teenager coming of age, and being able to play her and navigate her world is really fulfilling," Shipka shared in a statement when the project was announced. "Treat is a one-of-a-kind thrilling audio movie and story, and I'm so excited to be part of this experience with C13Features." 

Check out Treat when it debuts on podcast platforms on Monday, October 25th and stay tuned for updates on Shipka's future projects.

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