Every Tremors Movie Is Now on Netflix

A new Tremors film will be debuting later this year, so if you are wondering about what adventures you have missed in the series, all six films in the franchise are currently available on Netflix. The original entry in the series landed in theaters in 1990 and, while it was initially a financial disappointment, the concept gained cult status in subsequent years, earning it five follow-up films. The home video market has allowed the series to thrive with lower stakes adventures, with various On Demand services emerging in recent years which has kept the fan base satiated, and keeping Michael Gross working, as he has starred in all entries in the series.

The original film featured a small Southwestern town becoming targeted by prehistoric, subterranean creatures who used sound and vibrations to hunt, while all follow-up films saw the evolution of the creature into different forms.

In addition to feature-film adventures, the franchise has also been explored on the small screen. The first attempt came in 2003, with a series that ran for 13 episodes, while Kevin Bacon, who starred in the original film, made his first return to the franchise with a pilot for a new TV series back in 2018. Sadly, SYFY passed on that pilot, leaving Bacon still hoping to find a way to revive the series.

"I have a very specific thing that happened, which was I wanted to reboot Tremors. And worked very hard on it and did a fantastic pilot with Blumhouse," Bacon shared with Variety. "Andrew Miller was the writer of it. We shot the pilot. I thought it was cool and SYFY decided not to go forward with it. I liked that character because it was the only character I really looked at and said, 'I wanna know where he is 25 years later.' We left him at a certain point, he had this extraordinary thing with these worms, underground worms. He's not a smart man, kind of a loser, but he was able to fight these worms. Now let's see what happened to him 25 years down the line."

Despite SYFY passing on the project, Bacon isn't ruling out another network or streaming service reviving it in some form.

"I don't know the answer to that. I feel like we've explored the options," Bacon shared of another network reviving the project. "But, listen, you never know. Stranger things have happened."

Tremors 7: Island Fury is set to debut later this year.


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