Brady Bunch House Sells at Huge Loss for HGTV

The Brady Bunch house sold for $2.3 million under asking.

The iconic Brady Bunch house has sold, but the final purchase price was way under what HGTV was asking for it. According to TVLine, the house sold for $3.2 million — $2.3 million less than what it was listed for when it hit the market back in May. The final purchase price is also less than the $3.5 million HGTV paid for the property back in 2018. The house was sold to Tina Trahan, who said that the purchase was "the worst investment ever" and said that she plans to use the property for charitable events and fundraising rather than anything livable.

For HGTV, the sale of the house comes at a significant loss. The network poured $1.9 million into the property to recreate the interiors featured in The Brady Bunch, including the 1970s kitchen, the floating staircase, and the Jack-and-Jill bathroom — features that the house didn't actually have as the house itself had only ever been used for exterior shots for the sitcom. The home's renovations were featured in the 2019 series A Very Brady Renovation with hosts Drew and Jonathan Scott along with original Brady Bunch cast members.

According to listing agent Danny Brown, they were aware that the $5.5 million list price was "aspirational", but they feel it ultimately landed where it is worth.

"This is a one of kind property which was impossible to comp. This is not a home anyone would ever live in, and savvy investors understand that Airbnb rental laws are nuanced and restrictive," Brown said. "We felt the property was worth about $3-$3.5 million and that's exactly where it landed; there are no intellectual property rights that are included in the sale. HGTV spent about $5.5 million purchasing and gutting the house, which is why we listed it at $5.5 million, even though we knew it was an aspirational list price."

Another Iconic Hollywood House Just Hit the Market

While The Brady Bunch house just sold, another iconic Hollywood house just hit the market. Laurie Strode's house from John Carpenter's iconic 1978 horror classic Halloween is now on sale. The house, which is located in South Pasadena, CA, has an asking price of just under $1.8 million. Per the real estate listing, the house is actually a three-unit triplex that has 2640 square feet, four bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. The house, which was built in 1906, has been owned by the same family for three generations per the listing.

While the listing does not mention Halloween, fans of the movie will easily recognize the home as the one where Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie lived in in the fictional Haddonfield, Illinois, particularly from one of the moment when Laurie looks out her window to see Michael Myers (Nick Castle) standing outside. You can check out the home's listing on eXP Realty here.

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