CIA Begins to Release Alien and UFO Files Months Ahead of Schedule

When Congress passed a combined stimulus and government funding package in December, the bill began a 180-day window in which the Central Intelligence Agency — in conjunction with the United States Department of Defense — was required to compile a report for Congress on any information the agencies have regarding aliens and UFOs. Though the bill itself was signed into law not even one month ago, the CIA has started releasing some of the information publicly, according to a new report from the New York Post.

According to the Post, John Greenwald Jr. — the proprietor of an alien and UFO-tracking site called The Black Vault — has obtained "all the information on UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon]" the CIA has. Greenwald has subsequently made all of the information available on his website for use by the general public. Though this information has been made public through The Black Vault, the report and information requested by Congress has yet to surface.

In total, Greenwald obtained over 2,780 pages of reports from the CIA — some, of which, still contain redacted information. Greenwald and The Black Vault have since compiled everything into dozens of downloadable PDFs.

“Plain and simple, the public has a right to know!” Greenewald told Vice in a separate report. “When I began researching nearly 25 years ago at the age of 15, I knew there was something to this topic. Not because of viral internet hoaxes. Not because of back door meetings wherein I can’t tell you who, but I promise it was mind-blowing information. No, none of that."

He added, "It was simply because of the evidence that I got straight from the CIA. And the NSA. And the Air Force. And the DIA. I feel I am achieving what I set out to do. Easy access, to important material, for people to make up their own minds on what is going on.”

Though the reports detail certain instances where international civilians claim extraterrestrial contact, Greenwald says the most interesting part of the information dump is a report in which a former Assistant Deputy Director for Science & Technology was physically handed an item in relation to a UFO. Outside of that, most of the other information — such as the director's name and what the item was, exactly — has been redacted.


That report was initially filed on April 16, 1976.

Cover photo by David McNew/Newsmakers