High School Musical Star Vanessa Hudgens Posts Controversial Coronavirus Video

The COVID-19 coronavirus is impacting our way of life in so many ways, and some are uncertain about exactly how long that will be the case. Recent comments from public officials have hinted that we could be in this "new normal" of restrictions and cancellations for the next few months, with the CDC advising against groupings of more than ten people for the next eight weeks. While there is science to support this guidance and restrictions, some are still holding onto the belief that the response to the virus is overblown -- including High School Musical and The Princess Switch star Vanessa Hudgens. Hudgens recently took to her Instagram stories to post a bizarre video, in which she goes on a rant about the virus and the latest restrictions, saying that deaths due to the virus are "inevitable".

"Yeah, 'til July sounds like a bunch of bullsh-t," Hudgens says in the video. "I'm sorry. It's a virus, I get it. I respect it. But at the same time, even if everybody gets it... Yeah, people are gonna die, which is terrible, but inevitable. I don't know, maybe I shouldn't be doing this right now."

Hudgens has (understandably) been the subject of controversy since the video went viral, with many calling her comments ableist and selfish. Given the fact that there are thousands of confirmed deaths from the virus worldwide, her notion that the deaths from the pandemic are "terrible, but inevitable" is realistically going to garner backlash.

Hudgens took to Instagram on Tuesday to address her comments, arguing that they were being taken "out of context."

"Yesterday, I did an Instagram Live, and I realize today that some of my comments are being taken out of context," Hudgens explained. "It's a crazy time! It's a crazy, crazy time, and I am at home and in lockdown. That's what I hope you guys are doing too, in full quarantine and staying safe and sane. Yeah, I don't take this situation lightly, by any means! I am home. So stay inside, y'all."

Hudgens did take to Instagram over the weekend to encourage her fans to donate to Feeding America, arguing that "school closures, job disruptions, lack of paid sick leave and the coronavirus’ disproportionate impact on adults age 60 and older and low-income families are all contributing to the demands placed on food banks across the country."


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(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)