Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Shares Support for Postal Workers During Coronavirus

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had significant impact on every facet of American life, resulting in major economic impact with virtually no industry untouched. In the midst of the ever-unfolding situation, though, the United States Postal Service continues delivering not only the ordinary items most people would expect to get in the mail, but packages and other items, helping keep an important aspect of running. Now, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is taking a moment to share his support for those working to keep the country running by keeping the post office going.

On Twitter on Tuesday, Reynolds tweeted out a message of gratitude to postal worker, a simple acknowledgement of their efforts.

"Hey, @USPS and everyone working there, thanks for all you do," Reynolds wrote.

It's a kind gesture, thanking postal workers for their very essential work during these trying times, but it is an important message of support for another reason. The USPS is currently in a financial crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since the pandemic began, the Postal Service has suffered some major financial losses as mail volume has seen a significant decrease. The USPS -- which is a government agency -- is currently anticipating a roughly $13 billion shortfall for the year and despite asking for help from legislators, no help has come. There have been reports (via the Washington Post) that the White House indicated that they would not sign the Coronavirus Aid package -- the Cares Act -- if emergency funding for the USPS were included.

With the USPS struggling, many have taken to buying stamps in an effort to help save the Postal Service, something that was highlighted in the replies to Reynold's post as well as other replies that shared their appreciation for postal workers and the Postal Service as well.


Reynolds' support of the Postal Service is the most recent example of the ways that the actor has been active in supporting others during the pandemic. Last month, Reynolds announced that he was donating 30 percent of Aviation Gin's proceeds to help out-of-work bartenders. His cell phone company, Mint Mobile, is providing free unlimited data to all existing customers through May 14 to help people stay connected, and he and his wife, Blake Lively, have personally donated $1 million for coronavirus relief -- all of this in addition to supporting efforts to get personal protective equipment to healthcare and frontline workers as well.

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