Finally, the KFC Chicken-Scented Crocs Will Be Available Soon

Earlier this year came one of the most bizarre stories of the new decade, a title it will likely [...]

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(Photo: KFC/Crocs)

Earlier this year came one of the most bizarre stories of the new decade, a title it will likely hold for some time, as fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken announced they were collaborating with Crocs to create a line of shoes inspired by their signature bucket of chicken. Not only will these "licensed proprietary footwear" include a pattern of the famous KFC chicken across the top, they'll come paired with two Jibbitz charms that can be attached where are "made to resemble and smell like fried chicken." Though originally set to be released back in the spring, Crocs has announced that the shoes will be released on their website in five days time!

"Coming soon! The saying is true, good things and Crocs that look like a bucket of fried chicken come to those who wait," the brand wrote in a tweet. "Kentucky Fried Chicken x Crocs Classic Clogs are finally being served."

The official listing for the shoes can be found here. They'll be available starting Tuesday, July 28 at 12 PM ET and will run you $59.99. As delicious as the shoes and their Jibbitz charms might appear, the official listing explicitly notes in bold letters "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION."

"Combining the unmistakable look of our world-famous fried chicken and signature KFC bucket, with the unparalleled comfort and style of Crocs," Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. CMO previously said. "These shoes are what fried chicken footwear dreams are made of."

The KFC-themed Crocs will be available in two different styles for those looking to diversify their chicken-theme slip on shoes. The first is a pair of classic crocs featuring KFC's red-and-white-striped bucket design across the bottom and the fried chicken pattern over the top. On the back will be the KFC logo on the left shoe and the Colonel himself on the right. The second shoe will be a "Bucket Clog" which features the same design but as a 4.5-inch platform heel. It's unclear if both versions of this will be available next week as the main landing page only features the traditional croc clog.

Once again you can grab your own pair of very cursed chicken-themed shoes via Crocs' website for $59.99. Are you going to attempt to grab a pair? How will you fend off the neighbor hood dogs that attack your feet after smelling the chicken? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.

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