Funko's Scented Icee Polar Bear Ad Icons Pop Figure Arrives Tonight


Funko is getting back into the scented Pop figure game with an exclusive Ad Icons Icee Polar Bear Pop figure that's about to drop online. It's Grape scented, which is an odd choice. Grape is definitely not on anyone's top ten Icee flavor list. In fact, most of you probably haven't seen a Grape Icee in the wild. Blue Raspberry and Cherry are more logical choices - perhaps we'll see those variants pop up in the future.

If you want to get your hands on one of the grape-scented Icee Polar Bear Pops, you'll be able to order one here at Hot Topic starting tonight December 12th / 13th, between 11:30pm - 12am ET (8:30pm - 9pm PT). Note that both of these Pops will be trickling out to Hot Topic brick-and-mortar stores starting today, but if you can't get there or don't want to risk missing it, hitting the link above at launch time is pretty much a guarantee that you'll be able to get one. If they sell out, you can still order one here on eBay.


On a related note, the Lil' Dumpster Fire vinyl from 100% Soft is here to put a cute face on the the depressing world we live in. You can pre-order one right here for only $22 (orders ship in February). Previous resin releases of this toy were a lot more expensive and still sold out in a hot second - grab one while you can.


Finally, you can still find the standard Baby Yoda Funko Pop figure here on Amazon with shipping slated for May. A 10-inch super-sized version can be found here at Walmart and here at Amazon. Both Pops are currently discounted.


Best Buy is also running a deal on the 11-inch Baby Yoda plush that drops the price down to only $18.74 (25% off). Jump on that deal while you can because it's another thing that won't last long.

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