Disney's Haunted Mansion: Video of Malfunction Shows Ride With Lights On

It has certainly been a rough couple of weeks for Disney World's beloved Haunted Mansion [...]

It has certainly been a rough couple of weeks for Disney World's beloved Haunted Mansion attraction, as the ride closed down for a second time this month due to mechanical errors. The Haunted Mansion was closed for multiple days last week, with Disney Cast Members citing some sort of issues in the mechanics of the ride, but with no further details given. On Monday, just a couple of days after Haunted Mansion reopened, guests had to be escorted off of the ride once again. This time, however, the issue was easily fixable, and the culprit was captured on video.

One Disney World guest posted a video of their experience on Twitter, showing that a large door leading to the maintenance room had been left open on the upper floor of The Haunted Mansion, causing light to shine brightly into the ride, and allowing guests a peek at what's behind the walls of the attraction. As you can see in the video above, the open door in question was found in Madame Leota's room.

This room is at the top of the ramp in The Haunted Mansion, which comes from the hallway that overlooks the dining room and grand hall. Once guests on the ride were led up the ramp, they were met with a bright light, which throws off the whole vibe of the ride.

The Haunted Mansion closed its doors for several days beginning nearly one week ago, with guests being told there were technical difficulties plaguing the ride. While these closures are undoubtedly frustrating for guests, the Disney World version of Haunted Mansion is the only one that has been running at all so far this year. Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride has been closed for renovations since January 21st.

Fortunately, it seems like this open door issue wasn't too big of a deal. Disney had the ride open for guests once again later in the day, and it remains so on Tuesday.