Disney to Reopen Hong Kong Disneyland

The ongoing saga of Hong Kong Disneyland in the Age of Coronavirus continues this month, as Disney is set to reopen its popular park once again. Some of Disney's parks, like Disneyland in California, have been closed to the public since last March when the world started shutting down. Others, like Walt Disney World in Florida, reopened in the second half of last year and have been able to stay operational ever since. Hong Kong Disneyland doesn't fit into either category, as it has closed and reopened multiple times since the pandemic began.

As cases around the world spiked back in November, Disney made the decision to close Hong Kong Disneyland once again, with no timeline for a potential reopening. This week, however, investors and potential park-goers finally got word as to when the park will be up and running. The House of Mouse revealed on Wednesday morning that Hong Kong Disneyland will begin admitting guests on Friday, February 19th.

"We’re pleased to announce that Hong Kong Disneyland park will reopen to guests on February 19," reads the Twitter announcement from the official Disney Parks account.

Of course, like every other Disney park currently operating, Hong Kong Disneyland will only be able to admit a portion of the crowd that it could normally handle. There will be a limit on how many guests can visit the park, and certain attractions will likely be closed. In addition to mask requirements, there will probably be some temperature checks and extra safety measures in place as well.

The next park that folks will have their eye on is California's Disneyland, which has been fighting to reopen for the last few months. With the COVID-19 stats in California finally seeing some improvement, Disneyland could potentially return in the near future. The ongoing success and safety of Walt Disney World certainly helps the cause.