Hugh Jackman Shares Wolverine Street Art

For many people, coffee is life. That first cup of hot bean water (or cold, if that's your thing) is the fuel that gets the brain cells working and makes us a bit more human as opposed to, say, Wolverine or at least that's the implication in a piece of street art Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman shared on social media on Tuesday featuring the actor as the iconic X-Men character with the words "you're not yourself before coffee kicks in".

The art, which features Jackman as Wolverine in a mugshot style image with the actor "charged" with being the "Laughing Man Coffee Kingpin". The art comes from street artist 1PENEMY, real name Dr. Nicholas Toscano, who is known for this unique style of work that often features supermodels but has also featured Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds. Check it out below.

The art's "charges" for Jackman are a reference to his coffee company, Laughing Man Coffee. Launched in 2011, all profits from Laughing Man Coffee go to the Laughing Man foundation which supports coffee farming communities by "investing in programs that lead the way for health, growth, and success for coffee farmers and their families." Laughing Man Coffee has two coffee shop locations in New York City. Jackman frequently promotes the company in his social media posts, often seen wearing the company's merchandise, such as in a recent video he shared of himself jumping in the freezing cold ocean to celebrate 2021's arrival. He's also highlighted the company in other posts as well, including one in which he masked up in a Laughing Man Coffee mask and encouraged others to also wear masks.

Recently, Jackman's coffee company was part of the "feud" between himself and Ryan Reynolds. Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee and Reynolds' Aviation Gin had a "sales war" at Sam's Club retailers to support the Laughing Man Foundation and The Sick Kids Foundation, with sales of the brands serving as "votes" for the actors. Jackman won, though both foundations were the real winners, earning money thanks to the competition.

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