Los Angeles Comic Con Announces New Dates For 2020

Los Angeles Comic Con has announced new show dates for 2020. The producers have also announced some new steps they’re taking to keep attendees and other guests safe later this year. Los Angeles Comic Con will now take place on December 11-13 instead of September 25-27. The Los Angeles Convention Center will play host to the event. COVID-19 has changed a lot of how the entertainment business operates, but the convention wants to inject some normalcy into the tail end of this year.

All that fun will come with increased distancing protocols to ensure that everyone can have that crucial six feet of distance for the duration of the Con. Also, there will be increased cleaning in high-traffic areas and a digital broadcast of the main stage and all other panels for onsite ticket holders, and digital-only access passes will be sold to fans who cannot attend in person. Los Angeles Comic Con addressed the changes in the statement below:

“We've been working with the LA Convention Center and all of our vendors, taking in the health guidance from the Mayor’s Office, LA County and the State, to figure out what we need to do differently to create an event that is both fun and safe in this time of COVID,” Chris DeMoulin CEO of Comikaze Entertainment, L.A. Comic Con’s parent company explained. “We've concluded, given recent developments and as a result of those conversations, that hosting our event September 25-27 will not work to meet our goals of creating the best possible event given these unprecedented times. Thankfully, because of our long-standing relationship with the convention center, we've been able to reschedule the event to be held five months from now, on December 11-13. We have every hope and expectation that at that point in time, we can do a show that is both terrific and safe.”

“At L.A. Comic Con 2020 attendees and participants will have the chance to experience a fun and safe event, complete with some of the biggest and best names in the entertainment industry, along with a handpicked selection of panels, events, exhibitors, artists, costume contests, and meet and greet opportunities. Organizers will continue to monitor the development of the current pandemic and plan to release tickets and further details for LACC 2020 after Labor Day Weekend. ‘While we believe strongly that the steps outlined below will allow us to put on a safe event,’ continued DeMoulin, ‘if at ANY TIME we receive guidance from the City or County authorities which indicates that isn’t possible, we will reschedule the dates into 2021.’”


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Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images