MrBeast Giving Away $10,000 in Bitcoin

MrBeast is giving away $10,000 in Bitcoin to one of his followers at random. The streaming personality is no stranger to wild acts of charity, but this one feels a bit different. Usually Beast is giving away houses or massive aid, but this one is throwing it back as the $10,000 deals in retweeting his personal message. A lot of people would love nothing more than that fat stack of cryptocurrency. But, they’re going to have a ton of competition. Just look at all those retweets and likes down below. (You’ll have to be following his Twitter account to receive the prize.) So, it will be interesting to see who emerges victorious. If you don’t win, luckily you won’t have to wait for another extreme giveaway, the streaming celebrity is batting an extremely high average this year, and it’s only February.

The YouTube superstar wrote, “In 24 hours I’m going to give one random person that retweets this tweet $10,000 in Bitcoin! (Yup, gonna experiment with this instead of cash haha) Make sure you follow me so I can dm you if you win :)”

He recently managed to snag a Philanthropist of the Year award. Beast talked about his approach and what his goals going forward were.

“I did a YouTube video where I bought everything in 5 stores, so I have five stores worth of food,” MrBeast told the outlet. “So we basically are stepping in, and in ten days we’re going to do a big drive and feed everybody in the community, because that food pantry ran out of funds.”


“Do you need 12 cars? Do you need 12 houses?” he added during a guest stream. “Personally, and maybe I’m weird, I just get more enjoyment helping other people than I do buying a bigger box to live in.”

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