MTN DEW Is Apparently Adding a Birthday Cake Flavor

Things are about to get crazy in MTN DEW land. At some point this year, the citrus soda brand is set to release its zaniest flavor mash-up yet, one that looks to carry notes of birthday cake. Earlier this week, leaked can art started getting passed around online showing a can design for MTN DEW Cake-Smash. According to a descriptor on the can design, Cake-Smash is going to be "DEW with a rush of artificial cake flavor."

Two years ago, PepsiCo registered a trademark for the name MTN DEW 80s Cake-Smash, a nod to the soda's 80th anniversary. Though the anniversary technically took place last year, Cake-Smash has been delayed for unknown reasons, though it's sure the global pandemic had something to do with it.

"In 2021, it is time to celebrate you in the most epic. Way. Possible," the can reads. "Let's do-over your missed milestone—whether it was a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, or life itself! This year you deserve to have your cake and drink it too with MTN DEW Cake-Smash!"

The drink itself has yet to be announced by MTN DEW or Pepsi, so exact details aren't available. Judging by the can design and nutrition information seen on the label, it's likely the flavor will be available in the "tall" 24-ounce cans energy drinks are typically found in. Under the DEW umbrella, 24 oz. cans are also used for MTN DEW Maui Burst, a flavor exclusive to Dollar General stores.

Because of that, some DEW drinkers are left wondering if Cake-Smash will also be a store exclusive. After all, DEW has been getting into that arm a lot of late between Maui Burst and MTN DEW Frost Bite, a flavor exclusive to Walmart. The partnership with Walmart has been successful enough, DEW and the big box store also introduced Frost Bite Zero Sugar earlier this year.


"Dollar General fans have always embraced the MTN DEW Maui Burst flavor with enthusiasm. Their excitement translated on social media and at the registers," MTN DEW marketing chief Nicole Portwood said in a statement last January. "We're thrilled to respond to fans by making Maui Burst permanently available at Dollar General."