MTN Dew's Viral Spooky Season Mystery Soda Is Back Again

MTN DEW Voo-Dew is back for the fifth straight year.

MTN DEW's annual Spooky Season elixir is coming back for another go-around. Wednesday, DEW officials announced the return of MTN DEW Voo-Dew, the beverage maker's mega-viral mystery soda released in the weeks leading up to Halloween. This year's flavor, the fifth time a variation has been released, carries with it a cloudy white soda color to help usher the mysterious flavor along.

Keeping with tradition, DEW officials wouldn't tease much about the flavor of this year's Voo-Dew, only suggesting it's something that "might remind Halloween lovers of a very particular beloved trick or treat candy." This year's variety, much like last year's, will be available in both Regular and Zero Sugar flavors. It will be available as single, 20-ounce bottles and 12-ounce cans in a 12 pack.

What flavor is MTN DEW Voo-Dew?

Since it's introduction in 2019, Voo-Dew has been modeled around Halloween candy. The flavor in its first year was given a Candy Corn flavor while 2020 and 2021 were listed as "Fruit Candy Explosion" and "Fruit Candy Chews," respectively. 2022 was then a crossover between DEW's regular citrus flavors and "Sour Candy," though most thought it tasted a lot like Sour Patch Kids.

"For the fifth year in a row, MTN DEW® is continuing its Halloween tradition with the release of its latest mystery flavor – MTN DEW VOO-DEW. Each year, MTN DEW VOO-DEW merges the epic taste of a spooky treat with the iconic citrus notes of MTN DEW, to unleash a chilling flavor of Halloween with every sip," DEW officials said in a new statement.

They added, "Beginning September 2023, DEW® Nation can run to the store to grab and guess this limited-edition mystery flavor. Hint – this year's flavor notes might remind Halloween lovers of a very particular beloved trick or treat candy. Head to to learn more."

MTN DEW Voo-Dew 5 is expected to start hitting stores wherever regular MTN DEW is sold beginning September 12th.