Mountain Dew Voo-Dew: Past Mystery Flavors Return With a Catch

MTN DEW is scaring up the ghosts of Mountain Dew Voo-Dew past for a limited time. After introducing the Mountain Dew Voo-Dew 2022 mystery flavor as part of its annual mystery flavor drop for spooky season, PepsiCo's Mountain Dew is bringing back fan-favorite flavors in the first-ever MTN DEW Halloween variety pack. The throwback 6-pack features "the Ghosts of Voo-Dew Past, where all past Voo-Dew flavors will reunite in one epic pack," and contains two cans of the original MTN DEW Voo-Dew 1.0 (2019), three cans of MTN DEW Voo-Dew 2.0 (2020), and one can of MTN DEW Voo-Dew 3.0 (2021).

Mountain Dew describes The Ghosts of MTN DEW Voo-Dew Past variety pack: "A 6-pack of my throwback flavors from spooky seasons past. Grim's greatest hits have risen to create the spookiest, most delicious medley of MTN DEW Voo-Dew in this throwback 6-pack!"

(Photo: MTN DEW)

Unlike the MTN DEW Voo-Dew and MTN DEW Voo-Dew Zero Sugar 4.0 available in stores now, the throwback 6-pack is exclusive to DEW Nation HQ members on The DEW Store website. Priced at $19.99 with shipping included (limit of two 6-packs per order), The Ghosts of MTN DEW Voo-Dew Past goes on sale Monday, October 24th.

The online-exclusive "Grim's greatest hits" comes after Mountain Dew launched the return of Baja Summer, which saw the original MTN DEW Baja Blast and MTN DEW Baja Blast Zero Sugar return to stores for a limited time alongside MTN DEW Baja Mango Gem and MTN DEW Baja Gold. That offering introduced another DEW Nation exclusive: the never-before-released MTN DEW Baja Deep Dive, which was limited to 18,000 cases and available only as a prize for participants of the Lost Treasures of Baja Island Sweepstakes.

2022 also saw the limited-time return of MTN DEW Typhoon, which was exclusive to DNHQ members on the online DEW Store, and the release of the Circle K exclusive MTN DEW Purple Thunder flavor.

The Halloween throwback 6-pack isn't the only way fans can enjoy their favorite "flavors from spooky seasons past." This year, Mountain Dew teamed with Spirit Halloween to introduce the first-ever officially licensed MTN DEW Halloween costumes, inspired by the Voo-Dew Grim character and some of the citrus-y drink's most popular flavors: the classic MTN DEW flavor, MTN DEW Baja Blast, and MTN DEW Code Red.