Police Investigating Man Who Broke Into Museum to Take Selfies With Dinosaurs

One man decided to break into a museum and take some selfies with the dinosaurs. According to the NSW Government site, the Sydney museum had an unwelcome guest after security cameras captured the visitor breaking all sorts of rules in sear of the perfect picture. He was wandering through taking in all the sights just after 1 AM at a leisurely pace. The footage even shows the man in question leaving with a cowboy hat that he procured from the museum. Police released the footage online and people had a lot to say about this rogue “Night at the Museum” enthusiast. In totality, he took about 40 minutes to complete the stroll before making his getaway. The building at the intersection of College and William is probably going to have to beef up its security.

If that weren’t bad enough, it seems he walked off with a piece of artwork along with that dashing hat. The man tried to access any and all doors that he came into contact with, including storage spaces designated for employees. Sydney’s City Police Area Command got notified and began their investigation. Things didn’t take too long with the clear views of the suspect. They arrested a 25-year-old man who walked into the Surry Hills Police Station on Sunday. Authorities charged him with breaking and entering, refused him bail and he’s due to appear at Central Local Court in the city on Monday. A bizarre case, but a pretty quick one to crack. It doesn’t hurt that the cameras provided an excellent look at the trespasser.

Weird arrests have been a theme of the coronavirus pandemic. It was just a few weeks back that authorities in Florida arrested Alabama’s Richard McGuire for trespassing at Walt Disney World. The 42-year-old was camping out in an abandoned part of the park during the shutdown and was found by authorities. McGuire says that he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong despite the numerous “no trespassing” signs posted around the park. Discovery Island is an area of the resort that has been out of use for some time. But, apparently is still close enough to everything that someone could just wander in and stay for almost a week without anyone noticing.

McGuire got charged with trespassing and was barred from all Disney properties. That’s going to sting with the resort beginning it’s staggered opening this week. Other places have already begun to reopen around the country and overseas. So, maybe people will have somewhere to direct all this energy to instead of sneaking into places that have been closed. Whatever the case, maybe being a bit more low-key than taking selfies with the dinosaurs might be a good idea in the long-run. Maybe visiting the museum in Animal Crossing might be a better plan.

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