Popeyes Is Giving Free Chicken Sandwiches to Anyone Who Misspells McDonald's Website

Popeyes most certainly knows how to remain on top of the chicken sandwich conversation. Thursday, the company announced it's going to give away free chicken sandwiches to the people that mistakenly spell a new viral marketing website set up by McDonald's. You see, earlier this year, the Golden Arches announced it was revamping its chicken sandwich offerings in a direct bid to compete with the likes of Popeyes and KFC.

Fast forward to this week, and McDonald's says it would give a free chicken sandwich to anyone who visited www.ckndrop.com starting Thursday, February 18th. With the condensed URL will come an increased chance for misspelled addresses, something Popeyes is very well of. So much so, the fast-food chain went out and scooped up 50 domain names riffing on the McDonald's promotion to try scooping up any traffic from those who misspell the CknDrop.com address.

popeyes free sandwich ckndrop mcdonalds
(Photo: Popeyes)

Now, anyone who misspells the McDonald's free chicken sandwich website could be redirected to one of the 50 domains Popeyes snatched up. There, they'll receive a code for their own free Popeyes sandwich. Grade-A trolling, right?


As you can see in the marketing material Popeyes has released above, a few of the domains have been made public, so have at it and get yourself a free sandwich. The only disclaimer involved is that only the first 500 people to visit one of the misspelled domains will be able to redeem a free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich code.