Reynolds Wrap Says Eat Dessert First This Thanksgiving With Dessert-Inspired Turkeys

As the saying goes, life's short so eat desert first but now Reynolds Wrap has a sweet solution that lets you hit desert while also enjoying the main course this Thanksgiving. Following such creative turkey ideas of recent years such as the Mac and Cheese Turkey, the Glitter Turkey, and the Cheetos Flamin' Hot Turkey, the folks at Reynolds Wrap are getting sweet on the holiday with Desserkys -- three flavorful turkey recipes inspired by your favorite holiday desserts.

Now available on the Reynolds website are three new recipes that bring dessert and the main course together: Pecan Pie Turkey, Gingerbread Turkey, and Chocolate Turkey and while the idea of a "dessert turkey" may sound a little out there, there's something about the combination of savory and sweet that may be a bit more logical than one might think.

The Pecan Pie Turkey is described as being "coated with a brown sugar glaze, topped with candied pecans and dressed with fluffy mashed sweet potatoes." The actual recipe suggests dressing the plate with fresh herbs and mashed sweet potatoes just before serving.

The Gingerbread Turkey is described as "featuring a molasses glaze topped with a ginger spiced dry rub and a gingerbread man-inspired mashed potato piping and, of course, gingerbread men to eat on the side." This recipe suggests that the plate be dressed with fresh herbs, gingerbread cookies and candy just before serving.

The Chocolate Turkey is described as being "made with a chocolate-based BBQ glaze that's sweet and savory and dressed with fresh fruit and chocolate shavings." In what be the most interesting of the serving suggestions, the recipe suggests chocolate chips be placed on the turkey while the plate is dressed with fruit and chocolate shavings just before serving.


While all of these Desserkys sound interesting, if mixing courses up isn't quite your thing, don't worry. Reynolds also has quite a few "traditional" style turkey recipes on their website -- but there are a few more adventurous ones as well. There's also a Mountain Dew Turkey, a Pumpkin Spice Turkey, and a Cool Ranch Turkey. You can check out the recipes for the 2020 Reynolds Wrap Dessert Turkeys here and search some of the site's other great recipes as well.

What do you think? Will you be combining dessert with your turkey this Thanksgiving? Which of these recipes sounds the most interesting to you? Let us know in the comments!