Robert Downey Jr. and Alfre Woodard Team Up For 2020 Census Video

Robert Downey Jr. and Alfre Woodard are both known to comic book movie fans for roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the former playing Iron Man and the latter playing Mariah Dillard on Luke Cage. Woodard also appeared in Captain America: Civil War as Miriam Sharpe, the woman who corners Tony at the beginning of the movie to blame him for the death of her son in Sokovia. However, that was not the first time they shared the screen. Downey Jr. and Woodard also appeared in the 1993 movie Heart and Souls. Now, they're teaming up again to encourage folks to fill out the 2020 Census before the deadline on September 30th.

"Once every ten years, they count everybody in the country and that determines how all of the resources are dispersed around communities," Woodard explains. "1.5 trillion dollars that’s gonna be dispersed. One person in the household counts everybody that’s living that household." Downey Jr. asked her if we have until the end of the year to full out the Census, and Woodard replied, “No, baby, you got less than ten days now."

Woodard adds that you can now do it online and it only takes seven minutes. “If everybody does it like right now when they hear about it… You know somebody that is older, that doesn’t do computers, go and say ‘let me help you.’” She explains that only 65% of households have filled out the Census. “Please, let’s do this more often on as many topics you deem relevant,” Downey Jr. tells Woodard. You can watch the full video below:

Bask in the fact that Woodard called Downey Jr. “Ro Bear" and then go to to fill out the Census or call 840-330-2020.


As for Downey Jr., the actor recently confirmed that he's done with Marvel. The actor was making an appearance on the SmartLess podcast hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, where he said in no uncertain terms that "that's all done" about his MCU obligations after being asked how he's balancing family and Marvel movie time after Iron Man's big death in Avengers: Endgame. So for those fans who were still holding out some kind of hope for a big Iron Man return to the MCU: it should probably be sinking in now that it won't happen with RDJ.

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