Ryan Reynolds Reacts To The Queen Launching Her Own Gin

The Queen of England has launched her own gin company and Ryan Reynolds had the perfect response. Fans are well aware that the Deadpool actor has his own Aviation Gin brand that he sells. Well, when the news broke on Twitter, the star had some revolutionary war humor ready to go. Everything in 2020 feels like a fever-dream, so the Queen entering the distilling ring shouldn't shock anyone. However, Aviation was quick to point out that Reynolds actually had this very specific Mad-Libs style sentence on his 2020 Bingo Card. Seriously, the entertainer has been very gracious about congratulating celebrities when they inevitably enter the alcohol space. The Rock launched his own tequila recently and Space Jam star entered that sector last week too. So, there's plenty of competition to be had in the world of celebrity spirits.

In a previous conversation with AdWeek, Reynolds talked about the magic behind Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin. It turns out these things are not as "off-the-cuff" as they seem from outside.

"We're really risk-averse. So, people really think that we like to shoot from the hip, because we move so quickly and that sort of stuff," he said. "But, we really think this stuff through. We really find our guard rails. In the same way I write Deadpool. It's like, 'Okay, what is a person that's hypersensitive to this type of material going to say?' What's the guy who just doesn't give a **** about anything going to say? I want to find the middle where everyone feels sort of seen in that."

"I've approached that with Aviation and everything else we're working on," Reynolds continued. "Working through that lens of empathy and that guides us in a weird way. That doesn't mean that you can't be subversive or super funny, and risky, or at least feel super risky. But, it definitely prevents you from stepping in the wrong direction. I say that knowing that I am just as susceptible to stepping in something that I didn't mean to step in as anybody. There are mistakes."

If you're looking for a large size of gin to get through the holidays, Aviation now offers a "Back to School" edition of their product in stores now.

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Credit: WPA Pool/Getty Images