Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner: "if I Can Wear a Mask While I Give Birth, You Can Wear a Mask at Walmart"

Game of Thrones and X-Men: Dark Phoenix star Sophie Turner is delivering some pretty topical "tea" on social media. In a post to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, Turner advocated for her followers to stay safe and wear face masks amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and had some very blunt reasoning for doing so. In the video, which you can check out below, Turner revealed that she wore a face mask while giving birth to her daughter, Willa, who was born in July. As Turner put it, "If I can wear a mask while I give birth, you can wear a mask at Walmart, and that's the tea".

This isn't the first time that Turner has been vocal about staying safe amid the pandemic, with the actress previously posting a video in March telling her followers to stay inside and not "be f-cking stupid." At the time, many interpreted her video to partially be a reference to actresses Evangeline Lilly and Vanessa Hudgens, both of whom had made controversial remarks downplaying the severity of the pandemic in its early days.

“Stay inside, don’t be f—ing stupid, even if you count your freedom over — I don’t know, what is it — your health,” Turner said at the time. “I don’t give a F about your freedom. You could be infecting other people, other vulnerable people around you, by doing this. So stay inside, guys. It’s not cool and it’s not big and it’s not clever. And that’s the tea."

Turner gave birth to Willa - her first child with husband Joe Jonas - in May of this year. The couple's pregnancy had first been made public in February, with sources indicating that the pair saw starting a family as a priority.

"All of Sophie’s immediate work is complete but she is looking to hit the ground running now that Game of Thrones is over,” a source close to the couple shared. “She wants to get a few more acting gigs before she starts a family. As for Joe, he is on tour with his brothers and he is interested in starting a family after the tour. They both think it would be really cool to start early next year and the thought hasn’t escaped them that they could start and try to get pregnant when the tour ends [in Europe].”