Sour Patch Kids Launches New Christmas Candy and Merchandise

The Sour Patch Kids are getting ready for the holidays. As seems to be the case with most other treat-makers around this time of the year, Mondelez International unveiled their Christmas-centric Sour Patch Kids line Monday afternoon, including a handful of festive snacks and a full apparel line.

While red and green Sour Patch Kids aren't necessarily new innovations, the company is singling them out to make special mixes for their limited-edition holiday and 2020-themed boxes. Each of the boxes comes with at least a whopping two pounds of Sour Patch Kids, and you can choose between a sleigh, snowman, or Santa box.

There's even a tongue-in-cheek video conferencing box, a direct nod to the Zoom calls most of us have been forced to make throughout the entirety of the year. For the absolute Sour Patch Kids fiends, there's a massive five-pound option of the holiday mix also available. All items are now for sale through the Sour Patch Kids website.

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(Photo: Mondelez International)

Then comes the "Naughty Then Nice," apparel that ties directly into the candy's "Sour Then Sweet" slogan. The line essentially includes any wearable you can dream up, including a fleece pullover, hoodies, long-sleeve tees, crop tees, beanies, and caps. Then come the mugs and a set of candles, one for each Sour Patch Kids flavor — Redberry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and Lemon.

All items are now for sale as supplies last on the Sour Patch Kids site.


The Christmas items come on the heels of a massive Halloween promotion the brand held, where it held a socially distant trick-or-treating event in select cities around the country.

“We know so many kids in the U.S. look forward to typical Halloween traditions like dressing up in costumes and collecting a respectable candy stash,” Sour Patch Kids brand manager Danielle Freid said in the release. “We’re hoping to bring the spirit of Halloween to American families with our reverse trick-or-treating experience as a reminder that there are still ways to get creative, have fun and enjoy treats – and tricks – in a safe way this Halloween.”