Twitter Shuts Down Seattle Office Due to Employee Suspected of Coronavirus Infection

Twitter is closing down it's Seattle office after they suspected one employee of contracting the Coronavirus. They're shutting down their offices for a "deep clean" after learning that the worker was told that they likely came into contact with the virus. Now, things are quickly developing as authorities try to stop the spread of Coronavirus across the world. There have been 14 reported deaths as of this time according to The Seattle Times. Washington state is the site of the first confirmed Coronavirus case in the United States, so it is easy to see why people are being extra cautious about this particular situation. After SXSW was canceled earlier today, the seriousness of the threat is being reassessed by a lot of people online.

"A Seattle-based employee has been advised by their doctor that they likely have COVID-19, though still awaiting final testing," Twitter wrote. "While the employee has not been at a Twitter office for several weeks & hasn't been in contact w/others — we're closing our Seattle office to deep clean."

Yesterday saw Facebook close down the Seattle office for a couple of days after a contractor was identified positive for the virus. Other tech giants have had their own concerns about the spread of the disease as well. Amazon has reported that one worker was placed in quarantine after testing positive for Coronavirus. The retailer told employees in Seattle to work from home if possible through the end of the month. Microsoft, Google, and others have followed suit in Washington as officials try to get everything under control.


Twitter has not announced when the Seattle office will open again. Their interactions with local public health officials have been positive, but they are remaining careful. "We will not share any more information about our team member's identity or medical condition to protect their privacy," they explained. Entertainment has felt the squeeze of the disease as well. Multiple projects have been put on hold or moved to later dates because of concerns surrounding Coronavirus. Summer is looking to be very different than people probably envisioned a couple of months ago.