UFO Researcher Shares Footage of Pyramid-Shaped Craft Claiming It Was Recorded by the Military

Another day means another UFO video has been released by the United States government. Weeks after the CIA started releasing previously classified information regarding UAP — or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena — new footage has surfaced reportedly taken straight from military-owned cameras. The latest such video shows an unidentified craft in the shape of a pyramid flying across the night sky.

The video was released online by Jeremy Corbell, the filmmaker behind Netflix's Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers. According to the documentarian, the video was the subject of a classified briefing held last May with the Office of Naval Intelligence. The video with the pyramid-shaped UAP, in particular, was filmed by crewmembers aboard the USS Russell sometime in 2019.

The video shows two separate crafts, even though the correspondence released with the video details three separate UAP crafts were spotted that night. As evidenced in the video, the crafts can be seen blinking as they move across the sky.

"What’s presented here is genuine UFO / UAP footage - evidence - with impressive provenance," Corbell writes on his website. "These are images and video shot by our US Military - during a variety of UAP encounters. Incursions - by Advanced Transmedium Vehicles of unknown origin - interacting and observing our Navy’s warships and fleet deployments in a restricted airspace."

He adds, "The Night Vision and FLIR technologies represented in this content, in this case, is tied into some of the most sophisticated weapon systems known to humankind. The evidence here must be differentiated from other UAP documentation - due to the context of capture alone."

Is it definitive proof aliens are visiting us? Not in the slightest, but Corbell hopes the video release continues to help normalize the discussion of UAP and other associated phenomena.


"It is my hope that these materials will be representative of a unique moment in modern history; a possible turning point towards the rational and transparent approach of investigating and exploring the mystery of the UFO Phenomenon," the filmmaker concludes.

As a part of the second COVID-19 bill passed by Congress last December, governmental agencies with information regarding UAP are required to write extensive reports about the phenomena for review by the Senate Intelligence Committee within 180 days. That puts a deadline of around June when UAP experts suggest more information, videos, and other declassified information could be released to the public.