Ripley's Is Offering a $10K Reward for Missing Utah Monolith

A mysterious metal monolith appeared in the Utah desert last week, only for the bizarre structure to then disappear days later, igniting even more questions about who put it there and who took it away. In hopes of uncovering the truth behind both its appearance and, more importantly, its disappearance, Ripley's, known for collecting bizarre relics, is offering a $10,000 reward for credible information about its whereabouts. The organization did note that this offer expires on December 31st, but whoever can prove that they are in possession of the item could find themselves $10,000 richer for confirming their involvement in the spectacle.

Ripley's site details the installation, "A 10-to-12-foot tall monolith was spotted by Aero Bureau and wildlife resource officers during an overhead count of bighorn sheep in the Red Rock Country area. The air team spotted the towering metal structure from above and took to the ground to investigate. The Utah Department of Public Safety says there was 'no obvious indication' of who is responsible for the object's placement. Reddit threads, Tweets, and Facebook comments revealed the coordinates of the monolith, however, the DPS urged tourists to avoid visiting the temporary addition in the fear of a required rescue if they were to become stranded. But, this word of caution didn't stop curious explorers from navigating their way to it."

They added, "In a year full of chaos, the sudden appearance and disappearance of the monolith has proved quite a distraction amidst the 2020 news cycle. Naturally, as curators of the odd, unusual, and unknown, we're on the hunt for the missing extraterrestrial artwork. Who placed this shining beacon in the Utah desert? Who took it away? Where is it now? Ripley's will pay $10,000 to the first person who comes forward as the proud legal owner of the monolith or who provides accurate information exclusively to Ripley's on where to find it. Tips can be submitted anonymously, but hurry—this reward expires at the end of this weird year, December 31, 2020, at 11:59 p.m.!"

Given how much excitement the monolith sparked on social media, it's likely that the person or persons involved with creating it prefer that supporters accept the mystery and may have also been the ones responsible for its removal. With the amount of buzz the art has inspired, we also wouldn't be surprised if anyone in possession of the object holds out for even more money to take credit for its creation.

Stay tuned for details on the mysterious monolith.


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