Wendy's Launches Twitter War With Dunkin' Donuts

If one thing is for certain, it's that you probably shouldn't throw shade at the official Wendy's account. For that matter, you probably shouldn't trash the fast-food joint online in any shape, way, or form because the restaurant will find you, and it will call you out. That was specifically the case Tuesday afternoon when Dunkin' threw shade at Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets.

As you might expect, the proverbial crap hit the fan and Wendy's ended up going scorched-earth on the doughnut and coffee chain for a tweet it put together. Early Tuesday morning, Dunkin' tweeted an image of someone standing outside a Wendy's location holding up a sign that reads "Listen to the life-sized donut: You don't have to settle for spicy nuggets."

It was game over from there. "Why'd you photoshop the sign? More people probably saw this in person than have seen this tweet," Wendy's responded. With no response from Dunkin', the Wendy's account then quote-tweeted the Dunkin' picture, chastising the company for officially removing "Donuts" from its name.

The account then followed that up with another reply, joking (so we think) that it hopes Dunkin' will still be able to return the doughnut in the original Dunkin' tweet to a Spirit Halloween store. "lol hope they'll still take your return at Spirit Halloween after the stink of this tweet gets on the costume," Wendy's concluded.

Eventually, Dunkin' did respond, but the damage had already been done.


Earlier this month, the coffee/breakfast chain announced it was rolling out a ghost pepper-flavored doughnut, hence the comparison to spicy nuggets.

Cover photo by Dan Tian/Xinhua via Getty and Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images