[SPOILER] Dies On 'Marvel's Inhumans'

Tonight’s episode of Marvel’s Inhumans did the unthinkable by killing off a member of the Inhuman Royal Family.

Spoilers for the sixth episode of Marvel’s Inhumans, “The Gentleman’s Name is Gorgon,” follow.

After finally reuniting in last week’s episode, tonight’s episode of Marvel’s Inhumans saw the Inhuman Royal Family split up once again. Black Bolt and Medusa went with Louise to track down Crystal and Lockjaw while Gorgon and Karnak were sent to rescue Black Bolt’s human friends, Declan and Sammy, from Auran.

Gorgon went one-one-one with Auran while Karnak took out her troops. Together, Karnak and Gorgon were able to subdue Mordis, the Inhuman with the incredibly destructive eyes.

However, Mordis refused to be taken back to Attilan, where he had been imprisoned in a solitary cell since undergoing Terrigenesis. He threatened to unleash his power, but Gorgon restrained him while Karnak and the others escaped. Gorgon and Mordis struggled against one another until Gorgon used his powerful hoof stomp to bring Declan’s entire laboratory down around them.

Black Bolt and Medusa were successfully reunited with Crystal and used Lockjaw to teleport to the site of Declan’s lab. There, they found Karnak sifting through the rubble. They found Mordis’ face mask, suggesting that the powerful Inhuman has died, as well as the body of Gorgon, whom Karnak confirmed, was also dead.

That’s where the episode leaves matters, but the series may have already set up a backdoor to reviving Gorgon. Auran had previously tried to retrieve Black Bolt from Declan’s laboratory by force, but a fight broke out causing an explosion that left Auran dead. Auran’s Inhuman gift revived her, just as it did when Medusa killed her episodes earlier, but not before Declan was able to perform an autopsy.

It was established earlier that Declan has been doing research into Inhuman DNA and biology. The scientist even mentioned to Auran earlier, after seeing her examine a scar on her hand, that his studies of her DNA revealed that her regenerative ability was not unlimited and would eventually exhaust itself, allowing her to die.

It seems likely then that Declan has a sample of Auran’s DNA, possibly even in the suitcase he was so particular about taking with him from the lab during his escape. Since Declan’s research was backed by Maximus as part of Maximus’s attempt to become Inhuman again, it seems possible that Declan may be able to infuse Gorgon with Auran’s DNA, resurrecting the fallen Inhuman to fight once more.

Marvel’s Inhumans airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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