SPOILERS Die in 'X-Men Blue'

Marvel’s X-Men Blue #28 brings the series’ Mothervine storyline with a final clash between Magneto’s X-Men and a group of villains, and that final battle claimed multiple casualties.

SPOILERS for X-Men Blue #28 follow.

With the original five X-Men off-planet, Magneto was forced to assemble a new team of X-Men to deal with the Mothervine crisis. This included his daughter Polaris in the lead, along with Wolverine’s son Daken, Shen Xorn, Jimmy Hudson - the son of Wolverine from the Ultimate Marvel universe - and Gazing Nightshade, the last surviving member of Madripoor-based mutant team called the Raksha whose teammates were killed by the Marauder known as Malice after she took control of Polaris’ body.

Together, these replacement X-Men have been fighting against the plans of Havok, Emma Frost, Bastion, and Miss Sinister (with her team of Marauders from other dimensions), who have joined forces to use the Mothervine coding found within the mutants from Ultimate Marvel universe, where mutants were manufactured by the United States government, to transform mutants into weapons.

As X-Men Blue #28 begins, the X-Men have been captured and Jimmy Hudson is on Miss Sinister’s lab table. Emma is watching her work and the two of them begin to bicker about Miss Sinister’s methods and true goals. Emma finally realizes that she’s thrown in with the wrong lot and uses her telepathic abilities to take control of the Marauders, distract Sinister, and free Jimmy. While the moment takes place off-panel, there’s a familiar “snikt” sound and then Sinister’s hold over the other X-Men vanishes, suggesting Jimmy finished her off.

Now free, the other X-Men move to stop the rollout of Mothervine, leading to a battle with Havok and Bastion. While Polaris tries to reach out and redeem Havok., Shen Xorn decides he’s had enough of this conflict and this war. He allows the black hole within his head to fully expand and consume the humanoid-Sentinel called Bastion, killing them both.

X-Men Blue Xorn Bastion
(Photo: Marcus To, Marvel Entertainment)

In the end, Xorn’s sacrifice is not in vain. The X-Men manage to halt the release of Mothervine and, with the help of the mutant healer Elixir, are able to reverse the unnatural mutations in many baseline humans and make sure that the Mothervine genetic code is eradicated for good.


The original X-Men are finally set to return in the next issue of X-Men Blue, though with Extermination on the horizon and some new uniforms coming soon, there’s no telling what X-Men Blue has in store next.

X-Men Blue #28 is on sale now.