The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Director Kari Skogland Teases "Non-Human" Villains

In a matter of days, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier zooms to Disney+, giving fans of the Marvel [...]

In a matter of days, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier zooms to Disney+, giving fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe their second television show of the year. Throughout the company's teasers and consumer products marketing ahead of the show's release, we know classic Captain America villain Flag-Smasher has been repurposed into a group of radicals. Now, it appears human super soldiers won't be the only villains that Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) face off against over the course of the series.

Speaking with The Direct on a sweeping press tour for the show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier director Kari Skogland says the series does an exceptional job at fleshing out the villains of the show, human or otherwise.

"Well, like with anything you have you cherry-pick how much time you're going to spend with them," Skogland tells the website. "I think also villains in general have a big concept behind them. What I do love is that in all of the cases we're able to spend a little bit more time with them and get to know them and understand them a bit better."

She adds, "So as humans, or not humans as the case may be, whatever, we understand their motives a bit more. That makes for nuanced, and I'd like to say trickier grey zones. No one's all bad, but no one's all good. So it's the exploration of where that takes you."

As of now, we only know Erin Kellyman (Solo: A Star Wars Story) is playing a character named Karli Morgenthau, an antagonist likely gender-swapped from Karl Morgenthau — Cap's comics nemesis known as Flag-Smasher. Instead of a singular antagonist here, however, it appears Skogland and company turned the villain into a cause or group.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier debuts on Disney+ beginning Friday, March 19th.

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