Funko Pop Daredevil Exclusive Launches With Variant Comic


Occasionally, Funko launches a Marvel Previews Exclusive Pop figure that comes bundled with a Pop-style variant comic cover. This classic Daredevil Funko Pop figure is one of those.

The Daredevil Funko Pop features Matt Murdock in his classic costume with batons in a fight-mode pose. You can purchase the Pop as a standalone figure, or you can get it bundled with a copy of Daredevil #35 with the variant cover. Both versions are available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth now. UPDATE: The comic version sold out in about 10 minutes, but we expect that it will be available here on eBay soon

Previews Exclusive Funko Pops are sold in limited quantities at comic shops and specialty retailers, so reserve one while you have the chance. That said, at the time of writing, the last Previews Exclusive Funko Pop - X-Men Kitty / Kate Pryde with Lockheed - was still available, though there's no telling how much longer it will last.

You can get even more details on the latest and greatest Funko Pop releases right here. Some recent headlines include:


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