New Funko Pokemon Pop Figures: Pidgeotto, Dragonite, Caterpie, and More

(Photo: Funko)

Funko has dropped a brand new wave of Pokemon Pop figures, and even though you can't eat them, we are happy to report that Funko isn't treading over old ground (mostly). Get ready to add Pidgeotto, Dragonite, Caterpie to your Pokemon Funko Pop figure collection! Also, Squirtle is back with a metallic finish. 

Pre-orders for all of the common figures in the new Pokemon Funko Pop wave are live here at Walmart (full set) and here at Entertainment Earth individually. That's right - mostly new Pokemon Funko Pops. Not a Pikachu variant in sight! However, fans might be enticed to purchase Charizard again, because the new version is a 10-inch exclusive. That Super-Sized Pop will be avaiable here at Target soon. Of course, this being Target, you might just want to wait until it shows up here on eBay


In other Pokemon news, Funko recently released their first Pokemon Pocket Pop advent calendar, which includes 24 Pocket Pop surprises for you to uncover each day of December leading up to Christmas. We say "surprises", but if you really want to know exactly what's in the box, you'll find an image highlighting the complete collection on the product page here at Walmart, here on Amazon, and here at Entertainment Earth where you can get your pre-order in for $39.99 to $54.99 depending on the retailer.


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