Jessica Jones Star Krysten Ritter Ignites Return Speculation After Disney+ News With New Photos

Speculation of a Jessica Jones revival is running wild after Krysten Ritter posed for some new photos following the announcement that Netflix's Marvel shows are moving to Disney+. Fans are awaiting the return of the Defenders after seeing Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio reprise their roles as Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk, respectively. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders, Punisher, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will all make their Disney+ debuts on March 16th. While Marvel Studios hasn't announced what it has planned for the heroes and villains of the DefendersVerse, new photos featuring Ritter give off a Jessica Jones vibe.

Photos shared by the @melaniejacobshair Instagram account show Krysten Ritter posing after conceivably getting her hair done. The color and length of her hair combined with the leather jacket and t-shirt are very similar to Ritter's portrayal of Jessica Jones in the Netflix series. Understandably, many of the comments in the Instagram post call out to Jessica Jones.

After the Marvel shows left Netflix on March 1st, Jessica Jones began to trend on social media. As fans wait to see what Marvel will do with the character, Krysten Ritter has said she's prepared to make a return as the beloved character.

"I absolutely love Jessica more than anything. And I loved those years playing her," Ritter previously told's Charlie Ridgely. "If there was ever an opportunity for her to pop up anywhere, I would be the first [to say yes]. I may or may not have the jacket ready to go in my closet. So, you never know, but if I ever had the opportunity to play her again, I would be so thrilled."

"I'm always down to do it again," she continued. "It was an absolute dream. And I love her. I love that character. I love the way that she connected with so many people in a deep way and resonated with women and girls in an exciting way. I am just so proud that I got to play such an iconic character."

Charlie Cox, who plays Daredevil, said he began to text his co-stars after the Disney+ news was announced. Speaking to in support of AMC's Kin release in the United Kingdom, Cox said the first thing he said when he heard the news was to text a direct nod to one of fandom's favorite Daredevil comics ever.

"This was actually when this news that you talked about came out, I was texting with some of the guys from the show and the text I wrote was, 'Born Again,'" Cox revealed about his texts. At the time the text was brought up, Cox was discussing if Daredevil would work as a "lighter" PG-13 production.


"I wouldn't put it past the folks at Marvel to be able to accomplish that. I'm such a fan of everything they've done so far, I wouldn't underestimate them at all," the actor suggests. "So if they wanted to make a more PG version of Daredevil, I back them to find a way to do where it feels totally in keeping with everything we've done. And maybe there's a little less blood, maybe there's a little whatever, but I back them to do it."

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