LEGO Captain America: Civil War Airport Battle Set Recreates Iconic Scene

If you're looking for a last minute gift for a geek of just about any age, LEGO's are always a reliable outlet.

This year is no exception.

One of the most iconic scenes in all of comic book movies this year was the airport battle sequence in Captain America: Civil War. Marvel Studios tossed their biggest on screen heroes into a battle amongst themselves -- Team Iron versus Team Captain America. Everyone chose a side.

Luckily, you don't have to this holiday season. LEGO is offering a massive playset including an impressive number of beloved minifigures based on the unforgettable scene.

With such a set, the pressure is on the toy manufacturer to live up to the movie's hype. Our friends at LEGO sent us the huge set to build ourselves and decide if it matches the truly epic scope of Civil War. As it turns out, it does.

Usually, when LEGO ships a product our way, we unbox and build them on video. However, this 807 piece set was going to take some time to assmemble. We decided to take it home and build it on our own time -- really get some enjoyment out of it like the big kids we are.

The Airport Battle set is every bit as epic as it sounds. While the major pieces of the set are spread a bit thin, that's because the count of pieces if dedicated to a few extra smaller builds and a Giant Man figure which stands about five inches tall. The Giant Man figure is the most technical aspect of the build, that's for sure. That said, the set also comes with a teeny-tiny take on Ant-Man which is about the size of your average minifigure's leg.

Also included in the set are Iron Man, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Bucky Barnes, War Machine, and Agent 13. Unfortunately, there's no Spider-Man in the set which is what many fans were hoping for in the Civil War batch from LEGO but the wallcrawler is receiving his own separate treatment.

The bigger builds are the Air Traffic Control Tower and an Avengers Quinjet. Both were seen in the Civil War sequence and are functional pieces of the set. The tower offers an exploding wall, reminiscent of Vision's tearing down of a certain tower and the Quinjet fits a minifigure in its cockpit -- just in case you're looking to reenact the escape with Black Panther.

The age recommendation of 8-14 years is a perfect fit. Of course, some of the older Marvel movie fans will likely appreciate it more than they might admit.


At $79.99, the 807 piece set is a great buy. Compared to other LEGO Super Heroes sets, what's really best about this particular set is the variety of characters included. The leaders of each team in Civil War and a couple of their teammates can finally be aligned for battle in LEGO form.

To order a set of LEGO's Captain America: Civil War Airport Battle set, head over to the LEGO shop.