Marvel Star Don Cheadle Had The Perfect Response To Armor Wars Questions

Marvel star Don Cheadle just set the gold standard for how actors should respond to MCU questions if they're nervous. During a Zoom interview for ACE Comic Con, the War Machine actor decided to just get up and leave for a minute after being asked about Armor Wars. Angelique Roche thought it was hysterical as well. Some of the fans couldn't get enough of him getting up and exiting stage left. Once you get into the Marvel ecosystem, the questions are going to come fast and furious. But, Cheadle basically reasoned that he can't spoil what he doesn't hear. Smart thinking, and it's really just a bit because he came back and sat down to talk a little bit about playing James Rhodes in the massively popular franchise. But, before Marvel says anything about Armor Wars, he won't be spilling any beans. Someone get this film to Tom Holland so he can incorporate this move into his routine for interviews. Check out what Cheadle actually did say down below:

When asked about the most exciting part about playing Rhodey, the actor said, "I think the most exciting part is yet to come. I think we don't have a super-strong idea of who he is, really. Outside of that bubble of The Avengers. Outside of his friendship with Tony. Now, he's going to be untethered from all of that. So, it's an opportunity to discover who he is, that we have not had before with concentrated time and focus on Rhodey, and Rhodey's journey. Hopefully, some stuff about his past. Teeing up some things about his potential future. Who knows how long this Marvel thing goes. It seems kinda unending."

"The most exciting things are still to come and those things were hinted at in Endgame," he added. "Where this character might go? What might be in the offing for him? It's very early in the process for Armor Wars. We just hired my boy Yassir [Lester], which I am very excited about. He wrote on Black Monday. Became friends with him, really close with him. Great guy, a lot of great ideas. Honestly, we're still trying to crack the spine of what it's going to be and chop it up. I couldn't give you the answers if you wanted them, because we're in the 'clay mode' right now."

Previously, the War Machine actor told AP Entertainment, "It's going to be interesting. We are just talking about what that show is going to be," Cheadle mused. "We probably will start filming sometime next year and are just cracking the story right now. Deciding what that journey [is] going to look like, what the iteration of this is going to be. Obviously, if people know Armor Wars [from the comics] they know what the series is about. But it's also figuring out how to establish and dig really deep into who Rhodey is because we haven't really seen a lot of that in the movies."

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