WandaVision Spinoff Vision Quest Gets New Update for Disney+

Marvel's WandaVision spinoff series Vision Quest is moving forward in development, as two writers are now apparently attached to the series. Fans and pundits spotted a listing by the Writers Guild of America (WGA), which named Megan McDonnell and Peter Cameron as part of the Vision Quest writers' room. 

Megan McDonnell is deeply embedded in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: she was a writer for Wandavision, and since then Marvel Studios has put her on numerous new projects that have been spun out from WandaVision, including this year's team-up film The Marvels, as well as the Agatha Harkness series that's in development for Disney+. It only makes sense then that McDonnell is also getting involved with Vision Quest. 

On a more interesting note, Peter Cameron's work in the MCU (and beyond) has been much more in the supernatural realm of things. Cameron served as a writer on WandaVision, the Moon Knight Disney+ series, and the Werewolf by Night Special Feature. Hearing that he's back for Vision Quest could be a nice hint of the MCU will adapt this famous Marvel Comics storyline. 

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

In the comics, "Vision Quest" was a West Coast Avengers story that saw the West Coast Avengers hit with tragedy when The Vision is kidnapped and disassembled; in his place, Scarlet Witch and the rest of the Avengers find the White Vision, whose memory of his days as an Avengers have been wiped away. They have to fight him but Vision is eventually restored to his heroic self – albeit colder and more mechanical than he used to be. It's also eventually revealed that Kang variant Immortus was pulling the strings that saw Vision resurrected as White Vision, one of many times he manipulated Vision's fate with Scarlet Witch. 

Right now, it seems like it would be easy for the MCU Vision Quest to flip the script and get more literal. White Vision is out there, but Scarlet Witch is the one seemingly dead and in need of resurrection right now – could the more cold android version of Vision have to find the means (and desire) to bring Wanda back? 

Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen recently teased that she could indeed be making a return to the MCU soon – and that she could do so while getting to do more of the material she prefers: 

"Well, honestly, if I were to tell you exactly what I would want, I think I would be spoiling something," Olsen told a comic con crowd. "Because Kevin Feige genuinely asks us what we want to do with the character. Then, he does it. So, I think what I… I don't know if I can share. I just want to come back."

So: is Vision Quest's progression just coincidental timing, or...?