Marvel Reveals How Wolverine Gets His New Costume

Wolverine is back and he has a new look. Return of Wolverine #1 reveals just how that happens.

SPOILERS for Return of Wolverine #1 by Charles Soule, Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, and Laura Martin follow.

For months, fans have followed Logan's friends and foes as they try to piece together the mystery of his reappearance. Return of Wolverine gives fans Wolverine himself. It isn't clear when this issue takes place relative to Wolverine's appearances in Marvel Legacy and the "post-credits scenes" that followed. Nor is it clear if this takes place before or after the revelations of Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends.

The issue throws fans into the deep end. Wolverine wakes up to his adamantium claws burning. He's wearing his classic blue and yellow uniform and sitting in a pool of blood. He has a wound in his side, which is strange given that his mutant healing factor appears to be intact. There's also a sabertooth tiger. He meets a scientist who encourages him to remember the great man he was before Soteira, Persephone's company, got ahold of him. The scientist is killed by an explosive that frees the tiger.

Wolverine emerges from the lab and discovers and large encampment being raised by Soteira soldiers. He heads to the encampment and fights some of the soldiers, one of whom is apparently Omega Red beneath the uniform. The surreal feeling of everything increases as Wolverine's flashes to his past. He also sees some kind of prison where it appears the different aspects of his personality are being caged.

Wolverine meets a woman who claims that she and the others in the encampment were forced to work for Soteira. She says they took her son and encourages Wolverine to remember who he was and track her son down. She helps tend to the wound in Wolverine's side, then pulls a uniform out of a locker in the encampment.

And that's how Wolverine gets his new suit, designed by Declan Shalvey:

Wolverine New Costume
(Photo: Steve McNiven, Jay Leister, Laura Martin, Charles Soule, Marvel Entertainment)

Keep in mind that we're seeing all this from Logan's perspective and that he appears to be an unreliable narrator at this point. It is possible that he is seeing only what Persephone and Soteira want him to see. After all, Daredevil's team in Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost discovered evidence of Wolverine doing terrible things. It is possible Logan has no idea what he's actually doing.

It's also interesting that Wolverine doesn't remember who he is. After Weapon X took away his memories, messing with Wolverine's head is considered a cardinal sin and a good way to end up on the end of his claws.

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Return of Wolverine #1 is on sale now.