Marvel Announces the Return of X-Treme X-Men From Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca

Legendary X-Men creator Chris Claremont is reuniting with Salvador Larroca for a return of the seminal 2000s series X-Treme X-Men. Debuting in 2001, X-Treme X-Men was launched after Marvel decided to reboot the X-Men line. X-Treme X-Men starred familiar faces like Storm, Rogue, Bishop, Beast, Psylocke, and Gambit, along with newcomers Sage and Thunderbird (Neal Shaara). This new iteration of X-Treme X-Men will follow in the footsteps of X-Men Legacy, Symbiote Spider-Man, Wolverine: Patch, and other titles that take readers back to fill in the gaps from Marvel's past.

The announcement of X-Treme X-Men was made at San Diego Comic-Con's Retailer Panel, where those in attendance also got looks at the Dark Web event, Tradd Moore's Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise, the new series Tiger Division, Peach Momoko variant covers, homage variant covers, Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt, and the return of Strange Academy.

"I'm very happy to be teaming up with Chris again to bring back the adventures of the X-Treme X-Men!" Larroca said. "It's been a long time and I've missed this team and this book that I consider a child of mine. I hope fans enjoy what we're doing with this new run--there's lots of new histories to tell. This is the book that Chris Claremont fans have been waiting for and I'm proud to once again illustrate his awesome plots. Let's make this an instant classic!"

Marvel also announced X-Treme Marvel Variant Covers, a new variant cover program celebrating the launch of X-Treme X-Men by taking things to the X-TREME with your favorite heroes. For X-Men fans looking for more content, you can head over to's coverage of the Marvel Animation panel at Comic-Con 2022, where Season 2 of X-Men '97 was confirmed.

You can find the cover and solicitation for X-Treme X-Men #1 below. The issue goes on sale November 30th.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)
  • X-TREME X-MEN #1 (OF 5)
  • Written by CHRIS CLAREMONT
  • Art and Cover by SALVADOR LARROCA
  • On Sale 11/30
  • A powerful psychic attack on Kitty Pryde from her old enemy Ogun brings the X-Treme team back together for a high-stakes mission…but what secret is Ogun hiding, and will even the combined might of Bishop, Sage, Gambit, Rogue, Rachel Summers, Storm, and Wolverine be enough to stop his insidious plan?