Ms. Marvel Star Iman Vellani Reveals if She's Team Kamran or Team Bruno

Ms. Marvel's sixth and final episode dropped on Disney+ yesterday and set up Kamala Khan's (Iman Vellani) next appearance in The Marvels. The show ended up becoming a huge hit with Marvel fans and is currently the franchise's highest-rated project. The series was a unique take on the superhero genre, focusing on family, community, and Pakistani culture. However, at its core, it's also a teen show, and you can't have a teen show without a love triangle. There are a couple of boys in Kamala's life, including her best friend Bruno (Matt Lintz) and her new friend Kamran (Rish Shah) who Kamala was crushing on throughout the season. Kamala and Rish Shah almost kissed in the finale, but they were interrupted by Bruno. Let the ship wars begin! Vellani recently took part in a Reddit AMA and was asked if she's Team Bruno or Team Kamran, and she gave a very cute answer.

"I say Kamran but then I go back and think wait but I love Bruno but then I'm like when do we ever see two brown people in a relationship in Hollywood but like Bruno is just adorable, but Kamran shares her culture, but Bruno is the guy in the chair, but Kamran has a porche! i can't sleep at night..." Vellani wrote. A very diplomatic answer! 

Speaking of the boys in Kamala's life, Lintz recently shared with Insider that he was very close to being cast as the MCU's Spider-Man. "I was in the top for Spider-Man, which eventually went to this guy, Tom Holland. I don't know if you know who he is," Lintz joked. "He's such an amazing person and an actor and it seems like life has come full circle."

As for Kamran, Shah recently spoke with about the character's future. "It obviously is a big decision," Shah said of the decades-long feud between the Clandestines and the Red Daggers. "But I think it's coming from a place of wanting to take control of his own mental state, and hopefully calm down, and also being able to control these powers." He added, "I think it's really cool that that's where he ends up because there's just so much scope for these characters ... All of them, within the MCU, and within Kamala's journey and her story. I think it definitely solidifies in my mind that he's not a bad guy."

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 Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+.