NFL Draft: Iron Man Thrills Jets Fans On Day 3

NFL Draft day 3 is here and the Jets picked up some serious firepower by having Iron Man on stage. A fan in a costume stepped up to the stage to announce New York’s pick in Round 6. The crowd in Cleveland, Ohio was having a good time with it, especially when Iron Man raised those repulsers to the sky. In fact, that’s just the latest wild character to appear on stage during the festivities. The Internet collectively lost its mind when a fan dressed like Macho Man Randy Savage stepped up to announce the home team’s pick yesterday. (He had a mask to match and everything.) The Jets are probably hyped up more about Kentucky’s Brandon Echols and what he can do for their defense. The cornerback was at home when the news was announced. Maybe he’ll show up to training camp in the armor as a bit of a nod to his big moment.

In the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, many people are still missing Tony Stark. The Russo Brothers spoke to us about why that character arc struck such a chord with all the fans out there. "Tony is essentially an egoist, and what is the essential conflict for an egoist?" Joe Russo revealed. "Is it about what the egoist wants, or is it about subjugating the ego to what others may want from them? And family is really the most essential way to get to that conflict with Tony

"We're always looking for the most epic journey we can take the characters on," Anthony Russo added. "Often that means, whether it's Cap or Tony, taking them as far away from where they started as possible."

"That was very much worked out on the script level with Markus and McFeely," Anthony Russo recalled. "We spent a long time with them exploring all the possibilities and honing down on what the essential storytelling was. [Fitting everything into the runtime is] such a complex question. You can't really be dealing with that once you get to production. That's definitely a script issue."


All nine episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s finale is now live on the streaming service as well.

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