Robert Downey Jr Celebrates Josh Brolin's Birthday With Epic Behind the Scenes Avengers: Endgame Video

Josh Brolin had a birthday this week, and he’s getting shout outs from all over the Marvel Universe. The latest celebrity to send his well-wishes is none other than Robert Downey Jr. himself. The Iron Man actor posted a video on Instagram of the entire cast singing happy birthday to Brolin last year while filming Avengers: Endgame. It’s very fun to see all the heroes in one place belting their hearts out. Of course, it’s sad to see Downey anywhere with him basically out of commission at this point, but it is still an absolute gas to have everybody represented. One person not in the video also made sure to give the Thanos actor a shoutout this week, Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds. In this instance, everyone really does love Thanos.

Thanos creator Jim Starlin talked about how perfect Brolin was for the role last year. Entertainingly enough, the actor wasn’t exactly at the top of the list, but it became apparent that he was absolutely the right man for the job.

"When they first started talking about getting a name actor to play Thanos, Josh Brolin wasn’t on my radar at all," Starlin told Discussing Film. "But now that I’ve seen him as the character, I have a hard time imagining anybody else playing him. He captured the movement and the cadence of the language, everything so marvelously that he had such a weight to the character. I haven’t got a complaint in the world about him, he’s terrific as far as his portrayal of the guy, even more so in the new movie."


After four film’s worth of work, fans became just as obsessed with the Mad Titan as some of the core Avengers. Kevin Feige thinks that Brolin is the secret sauce that really completes the character though and went so far as to explain why.

"The answer to why Thanos worked is Josh Brolin," Feige explained during Avengers: Endgame - The Official Movie Special when discussing Thanos’ rise to fame. "The reason Thanos is now this iconic movie villain is because they understand where he was coming from is because of Josh Brolin. People put 'villain' in quotes when they’re talking about Thanos."

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